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Recordações: segredos de um porvir

São muitas as recordações, as que irei esquecer, e as que nunca hei-de lembrar. Como uma árvore e as suas folhas. Fecho os olhos. E, em segredo, relembro aquelas que, num outono, hão-de cair.

  • folhas de outras árvores

  • folhas no chão

    outros ramos

    soundtrack to your escape

    April Left With Silence

    silence was the last word we spoke
    it filled the air heavy with forevers
    and the failing smells of yesterday
    "this wasn't my intention..." is now a haunting...
    the ghost of whispering thoughts
    i've bled these nights dry with tears
    so, here's to sleepless cold and dreams of insecurity
    and like before, i'm left with silence and the sound of a heart breaking
    its' pieces crumble to the floor
    promise falls quiet between stillness and silence.
    i hear your voice say, "my child, i will pick up the pieces."
    ...promise falls quiet between stillness and silence.


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